From Educator to Patient: My Breast Cancer Experience

Hello Friends,

Six months after my breast cancer diagnosis, and I am cancer free! It seems like the time has zoomed right by since I got the call (or actually a text from my best buddy at the Breast Center) that there was “a suspicious finding on your mammogram.”  There were biopsies, MRIs, more mammograms, a zillion doctor’s appointments (driving 120 miles roundtrip for each one and they were NEVER on time!), 16 rounds of chemo, including 4 of the dreaded “Red Devil”, which literally wiped me out! All while working, traveling, going bald, ingesting numerous medications, experiencing fatigue, and so many highs and lows, which included a whole lot of crabbiness, just ask my daughter!

But, I am, at last, cancer free!

No one ever thinks they are going to be the 1 in 8 women that gets breast cancer; I definitely didn’t think it could or would be me. After all, I had spent 30+ years educating and fighting for mammography technologists and their need and desire for consistent and reproducible positioning standards. I would certainly be blessed by some sort of invisible halo that would protect me from such a fate. But no, breast cancer does not play favorites.

I can say that now, I actually feel ‘blessed’ by this odd twist of fate, as it has given me a new perspective on patient care. It has also inspired my resolve to ensure that each and every patient gets the best mammogram possible. I know that each of you, my colleagues and friends, feel the same. So I hope you will join me on my journey, through these blog posts and find some useful and pertinent information that can help us, individually and collectively, reach that goal of excellence.

Louise Miller


From Educator to Patient: My Breast Cancer Experience — 10 Comments

  1. Louise, it was a pleasure being your “breast model” and helping you continue the education that is needed to help women get the bes mammogram possible. I will myself be going through some treatments myself, having found out that I have cervical cancer. Beyond the surgery, I too will be receiving some chemo and radiation depending on the outcome of my pathology. Your an inspiration to every woman going through cancer and it’s emotional rollercoaster. Best wishes to you and because of your lovely daughter I was lucky to know you and do what is necessary to prevent and get care for this disease.

  2. Você já era inspiração profissional para tecnólogas em Mamografia no Brasil. Agora você é inspiração de mulher guerreira e vencedora. Amamos muito você.

  3. You are a survivor ❤️. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and love for Mammography. Here’s to health and happiness,

  4. Louise you are truly an inspiration! I just had the pleasure of being in a hands-on lecture you gave in Vegas. I was so inspired that I couldn’t wait to get back to work. I’m happy to say that I think my positioning has been taken up a notch. Thank you for all you do for our profession!

  5. Louise,
    I’m so glad to see the words “cancer free.” I’ve been praying for you ever since I heard you had breast cancer. I’m elated that you’ll be around to keep teaching us ways to do the best mammograms. I’m getting that pectoral muscle better than ever with your technique. All of your “bosom” buddies wouldn’t be the same without you and your great knowledge.

  6. Louise, this is wonderful news! My best wishes to you and your family on the completion of this unexpected journey. We can’t wait to see you again here in Vancouver, BC – you have left such lasting, positive impressions and gave us incredible information to improve. May your life be happy and healthy!

  7. Louise, you have made a big difference in the world of mammography and the profession. You definitely made a genuine knowledgeable impression that I will never forget. I know my positioning skills have improved since my hands on training with you. Thank you for sharing your recent breast cancer experience. I’m sorry to hear you had to be part of the statistics, but glad to hear you are cancer free. Wishing you all the best health and happiness.

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