April Hammarsten, MBA, R.T.(R)(M)(ARRT), Consultant

April Hammarsten, MBA, R.T.(R)(M)(ARRT), Consultant at Mammography EducatorsApril Hammarsten, MBA, R.T.(R)(M)(ARRT), is an Imaging Specialist at Sharp Healthcare in San Diego who has 20+ years of experience as a radiographer. She holds an MBA in Strategic Leadership and has worked with The Sharp University as a trainer of New Leader Orientation, Leadership Bootcamp, and Crucial Accountability®. She was mentored and trained by Louise Miller, and currently is a consultant for Mammography Educators.

Prior to joining Mammography Educators, April supervised a large outpatient facility consisting of 13 sites throughout the San Diego region. Her responsibilities included staffing, coaching, rewards and recognition, workflow management, updating and developing job descriptions, policies and procedures. She was a project manager for the installation of mammography suites that included both suite updates and new installations.

Her favorite part of being a mammographer is comforting patients while providing the highest quality diagnostic care. She has a passion for working with people, both those who have just begun their journey into healthcare, as well as those who are seasoned technologists seeking to improve their skills.

April enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise with others and looks forward to acting as a role model for a future generation of mammographers.